Ever Heard of ‘Leaf Peeping’?

You’ve probably heard of bird watching, but have you heard of leaf peeping?

LakeNewsOnline has a great idea for when you visit the lake this fall!

Any Ozark day brings serendipities of nature’s events. But, where are the green’s of nature? The skylines that have been summer lushes of green foliage tones have been replaced by hues of golds, ambers, and tangerine oranges, and rusts. Soon the vibrant colors will become shades of winter’s brown tones.

Travel anywhere to find your favorite fall niche. Locally, leaf peeping can be done in your own backyard and to anyplace in Miller, Camden, or Morgan Counties. Enjoy views of high bluffs that are exposed to sunlight by land, water, or air. Captivating colors can be found in cemeteries, along roadways, and local parks such as Bennett Springs. Ha Ha Tonka State Park offers inspiring landscapes at every view. The lookout at Bagnell Dam gives a majestic view of land and water as does the historic Wilmore Lodge. Attend fall festivities and enjoy short road trips. Create lasting memories by pressing special foliage into a “peepers” scrapbook.

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2 thoughts on “Ever Heard of ‘Leaf Peeping’?

  1. The fall is our families favorite time to be out on the water on our pontoon. The lake traffic has died down and you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors along the lake’s banks. I never heard of it being called “lake peeping”, but why not? I’m glad I ran across another lake blog! I will be back.

    • Sorry for taking so long to reply, but thank you for checking out the blog, Kent! Yes, “leaf peeping” was a new term to me as well. Summer and fall will be here soon enough. Such a beautiful time at the lake. Take care. – Sherry

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