Tips for Homeowners: Clear the Clutter

Guests want to stay at a property that they could easily imagine as their own.  When it is cluttered with your own personal stuff (photos, collections along the mantel, stuffed utensil drawers, etc.) the guest impression could be very different.   It is a known fact from past reviews,  that guests who felt they were staying in someone’s house, rather than a vacation home, found their stay to be an uncomfortable experience.

But be careful in de-cluttering too.  Don’t take out too much as the property will look sterile and not show the charm and character of the home/condo that appeals to reserving guests.  Use plants, accent rugs, colorful pillows and other accents to add life to a room.  Doing so will lift it from being just a rental and elevate it into a very desirable place to spend a vacation with friend and family!

Properly staged rooms can lift a room to another level with simply matching furniture, pillows, lamps and themed accessories.


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