Tips for Homeowners: Desirable Sleeping Spaces

I too get captured by great pictures of the Lake, flower gardens, kitchens and other great features of the home I’m renting.  But I’m always brought back to earth by the bedroom shots of a vacation rental property.  We spend one third of or time sleeping and vacationing guests want to know that their nighttime comfort is not being compromised.   Remember guests cannot test out a mattress.  They have to trust that the homeowner will provide new, or nearly new , good quality beds.  Guests have to judge their decision off of what they see.  Not scientific by any means, but it is the only resource they have.

Look at your bedrooms from a reviewing guest’s eye.  Is the space inviting or utilitarian and uninspiring.  Here are a few clear turn-offs for any inquiring guest:  pancake flat pillows, comforters that are outdated  or have seen better days, old throws, tattered or outdated shades, no accent pillows or reading lamps.

Properly presented bedrooms gives guest a much greater scope of the look and feel of a rejuvenating space in your home.   Treat your vacationing guests  with new comforters, over-stuffed pillows, shams, bed skirts and accent pillows or throws.  For a fractional investment you can turn an undesirable space into a heavenly retreat.  Believe it or not, this complete set was created from what the owner had for access pillows and a very inexpensive bedding set for Wal-Mart for under $75.  Bedrooms are where you’ll win over site visitors.   Make them want to be there!

And if you change out of size of bedding for another, please let us know so we can update your listing and get the word out to our guests!


2 thoughts on “Tips for Homeowners: Desirable Sleeping Spaces

  1. I strongly agree that the guest must experience a comfortable and very relax nighttime. First impression is really important, they might been having a long day and wanted to have a refreshing room. So you must provide what they needed.

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