Property Pairings: Chloe’s Cove and Blue Anchor Bay

You’ve probably heard of food and wine pairings or food and beer pairings.

But we’ve got a series that pairs two of our properties together.

If you’re planning a group trip to the Lake of the Ozarks or a family reunion, you’ll want to be close together.  Each of these property pairings will sleep, at the least, 14 people.

This week’s pairing features Chloe’s Cove and Blue Anchor Bay Condo.

Chloe’s Cove is in the newly developed Millstone Condominium complex and, as you can see, has a gorgeous view of the lake.  This condo sleeps 8 people, has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Oh, and you have easy access to the pool!

Blue Anchor Bay condo also offers stunning views of the lake.  This luxurious condo sleeps 6 people, has three bedrooms, and two bedrooms. Check out the rest of the photos from this fabulous condo.


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