Save 50% This Week At Indian Rock Golf Course

Have you been itching for a round or two of golf this week?

Here’s a tip from Lake of the Ozarks West Chamber of Commerce that can save you money!

Save up to 50% on Indian Rock Golf this weekCheck it out at this website and set your tee time.

Here’s a little bit about the course in case you’re a newbie:

Long ago Osage Indian tribes lived in this remote area. These densely wooded rolling hills were one of their principal meeting places. Numerous “thong trees” (saplings bent to the ground and tied down), found throughout Indian Rock, were used by the Osage Indians as markers to show the way to various destinations. While playing golf at Indian Rock it’s not hard to imagine the sheer beauty and serenity that early natives must have experienced when they discovered these picturesque grounds.

Find more information at

Happy golfing!


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