Ozarks Native Heading to the International Space Station

We never pass up a chance to brag about the Lake of the Ozarks!

Even when it’s about a Missouri native who is heading to the International Space Station. What an amazing opportunity!

Read more from OzarksFirst.com:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Col. Mike Hopkins, a Missouri native, born in Lebanon, grew up in Richland, Missouri, is now an astronaut with NASA.  In two weeks, he will blast off for the International Space Station from the Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia.  He talks live, via satellite from Russia, with Shanon Miller and Rob Evans on KOLR10 News Daybreak.

Mike:  “Good morning Shannon and Rob.  It’s great to talk with you and great to talk to Springfield.”

Shannon:  “Mike, we understand you’re from the area.  Tell us a little bit about your history here in the Ozarks.”
Mike: “I grew up on a small farm outside of Richland.  We raised cattle and hogs. I started off going to school at Richland, and about junior high, I started attending School of the Osage.  I was just another student at School of the Osage and (was) just another student there at School of the Osage.  Had an opportunity to play for some of the sports teams, and from there, went on to the University of Illinois.”

Watch the full interview with Col. Hopkins here.


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