This Weekend: Jacob’s Cave Swapping Days


If you’re at the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend, don’t forget to check out Swapping Days at Jacob’s Cave!

There will be acres of crafts, collectables, pigeons, poultry, small animals (no horses, cattle or swine), and various products at Jacobs Cave. Mostly animals — ducks, chickens, rabbits. 200 different varieties of chickens.

Rough camping and shower-house available. Refreshments sold. Reduced cave tour rates. Located on Route 5, between Gravois Mills and Versailles. Admission: $5 per vehicle.

In case you haven’t been to Jacob’s Cave, we highly recommend it!  It was the first commercialized cave in the Lake of the Ozarks area and opened for tourists in 1932. It’s famous for its depth illusion, reflective pools, ceiling sponge-work, prehistoric bones (mastodon, bear and peccary), and the world’s largest geode.

Be sure to put a pin in their map (see below)! With one glance, you’ll see people come from far and wide to see Jacob’s Cave.


Journey To the Middle of the Earth

Earlier explorers have done the hard work for you! Instead of navigating unknown caverns in the darkness, you’ll get the chance to journey into the earth accompanied by a knowledgable tour guide.


Hitting the lake or bathing in the sun can be perfect, but if you’re looking to cool off, why not head underground?


Bridal Cave stays at a cool 60 degrees and is open for guided tours about every hour. You’ll also learn some intriguing folklore along the way! This is your chance to discover and see with your own eyes the secret that is “Mystery Lake”.


Click here to see the rates for tours at Bridal Cave.