The Story Behind Our Family Memory Tree

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Our X-Mas tree is really a Family memory tree – as I’m sure several holiday trees are.  It’s a collection of ornaments from family experiences and events:

– 1st X-Mas for the kids
– unique ornaments brought back from special trips
– collection favorite ornaments
– sports team
– models cars
– collections of Santa’s
– glistening glass bulb ornaments, etc.

The girls remember trying to take a bite out of two ginger bread figurines my great aunt gave us years ago.   The ornaments are made of soap and still has the little teeth marks from that secretive bite when no one was looking!  : )

One of my favorite ornaments is a silly felt stuffed penguin made by Hallmark Cards years ago.  It sits on the lowest branch of the tree and rattles when touched.  It was a favorite of our dog, Patch.  He would rattle the ornament almost daily when inspecting the newest gifts under the tree.  Although Patch is no longer with us, the ornament has a special placement on our tree and in our hearts.  And last night we found our cat, Buster, playing with the ornament – and hearing that special rattling sound.  It made Jon and I smile and remember several past family celebrations and memories around the tree.

And isn’t that what the Holidays are all about – memories and time with family! : )

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5 Reasons to Choose Vacation Rentals Over a Hotel

Each year, we have the privilege of hearing stories from families who chose a vacation rental for their stay.  Sometimes it was their first time and others have been doing it for years.  Once thing is for certain: there are many perks to choosing a vacation rental during your vacation instead of opting for “cookie cutter” hotels.

  1. Privacy: Have you ever been kept up at night at a hotel because of the loud family next door?  Usually, the walls are so thin that their conversation becomes your conversation.  Coming to the Lake of the Ozarks is your chance for a peaceful, relaxing stay.  Our properties offer the privacy and intimacy to have a romantic weekend or to spend much-needed quality time with your kids or grandkids.
  2. More Room to Play:  Kids are full of energy and playing in a cramped room or in a hotel lobby can be a damper on their imagination! Stay with us at the lake and enjoy all the amenities that make play time one that your kids will remember.  Some of our properties have docks, a water slide, and big rooms where kids can play.  Each property is unique — so be sure to find the one that fits you!  Of course, the lake has so many attractions, such as water parks, boating tours, and horseback riding.  When it comes to play time — nothing beats the lake!
  3. Home Away from Home:  No matter how nice a hotel, it’s just not the same as home.  Vacation rentals don’t pretend to be homes — they are homes!  From landscaped flower gardens to screened in porches and a grill to have a BBQ, the amenities we have to offer are unmatched by any hotel in the area.  Whip up a dinner in the kitchen or take a nice, relaxing bath in the jacuzzi tub.  Don’t be afraid to hang up your coat and stay awhile!
  4. Savings:  One of the most expensive aspects of traveling with your whole family is the cost of food.  Our properties come equipped with a kitchen so you can prepare meals for much less than eating at a restaurant every night.  Pick up a family cookbook before you head to the lake and make this an opportunity to cook with the entire family. Bon appetite!
  5. Creating Memories:  This is what we hear most often from our guests — the memories that are made at the lake.  A lot of people think that Crystal Water Villas is in the vacation business.  We like to think we’re in the “making memories” business.  The moments you share together at the lake will be ones you will remember for the rest of your life.  Take a moment to browse our properties and please let us know if you have any questions!

Togethering in 2012

We couldn’t be more excited for this summer at the lake.

Spending some time away from work and daily grind is more than just escaping your usual day-to-day.  This video from Home Away Vacation shows exactly how we feel about taking a vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks.

This summer, make it about family.  Make it about memories that will last a lifetime.  We have several specials going on for a limited time, so don’t miss out on the chance to book a stay.

We look forward to seeing you and your family this summer!