Parasailing At the Lake of the Ozarks

There are a few different philosophies when it comes to taking a vacation. One is to kick back and relax. The other is to be on the go and to make the trip a memorable one.

Sure, you can have it both ways.

For our guests with adventure in their blood, parasailing is one activity you should tackle during your time at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Paradise Parasail was established on Ft. Myers Beach in 1982. They were the first on the beach and voted “Best on the Beach” by Ft. Myers Beach Bulletin newspaper readers. With over 30 years of combined experience, they are the parasailing specialists! Located near Bagnell Dam, Paradise Parasail will ensure you have an experience you won’t forget. Give them a call at 573-365-6757 to book your parasailing adventure. Also, be sure to check them out on Facebook.

Watch this video below for a taste of parasailing:


This Weekend At the Lake of the Ozarks

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It’s going to be a warm one this weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Although some thunderstorms are in the forecast, there will be plenty of sunshine. Here are three ways to stay cool this weekend!

  • Aquatic Centers and Water Parks: Three state of the art aquatic centers are at the Lake of the Ozarks for your enjoyment. OR if you can’t get cooled off in the Lake – try one of the many water parks in the area. Fun for kids of all ages! Click here for nearby aquatic centers or click here for fantastic water parks!
  • Parasailing: Feeling daring? Parasailing is a popular sport in which the rider hitched to a parachute like canopy, known as a Parasail, is set aloft in the air. The Parasail is attached to a long towrope, which is pulled along, by a speed boat. The sheer thrill and excitement of being airborne has made this a popular family sport. Click here to book your parasailing adventure!
  • Boat Rentals & Marinas: What is the Lake of the Ozarks without boating?! The options at the Lake are endless and the suppliers are many. Remember alwys designate a sober captain if you’ll be drinking while cruising. Missouri’s legal blood alcohol content for operating a vessel recently dropped from .10% to .08%. “Think Before You Sink” and have a safe and enjoyable time at the Lake of the Ozarks! Click here for more information on renting boats.

As always, if you have any questions about what to do, feel free to give us a ring at 1-866-273-2169.

5 Must-Do Adventures At the Lake of the Ozarks

Are you an adventurer at heart?   An outdoorsman or woman?  Enjoying the beauty at the Lake of the Ozarks means getting out there and trying something new.  While boating and water skiing are great activities, here are five activities that you might not thought of:

  1. Horseback Riding:  Here’s your chance to soak up the scenery and to encounter some friendly and “not so wild” horses.  Broken Gate Trail Rides and Circle R Stables are both great choices near the lake.  Saddle up!  Don’t forget your boots!
  2. Parasailing:  This one is not for the faint at heart — but it’s also not as scary as you might think.  Parasailing provides a priceless view of the lake and plenty of opportunities for photos to show your friends, family, and co-workers back home.  Paradise Parasail and Hi-Flyer Parasail are both fantastic companies to check out.
  3. Scenic Air Tours:  Ready to take flights?  Lake Ozark Helicopters and Air Lake Aviation can take you on a breathtaking tours of the Lake of the Ozarks.  An aerial view is the only way to soak up the beauty and wonder of the lake.
  4. Caves:  Take a plunge into the darkness by exploring some of the local caves.  Stalactites and stalagmites, giant columns, and ancient formations are what you’ll see on these unforgettable tours.  Bridal Cave is a must-see — rated as one of the most scenic caves in America.
  5. Shooting Range: Locked and loaded!  The Missouri Trapshooters Association and Pistol Plus are great places to test your aim.  Pistol Plus has awesome taxidermy displays, along with a museum and pro archery shop.

Airborne At the Lake of the Ozarks

Make sure you swimsuit is secure and get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life.

Parasailing will take any vacation to the next level — and leave you with great stories to tell! Check out Paradise Parasail (video above) and Hi-Flyer Parasail to book a high-flying adventure.

A pontoon boat or relaxing on the beach can be just the ticket, but if you’re up for something that takes you to the edge, parasailing is it!